When we think about standing in our power, we could come up with so many different ways that meaning lands in our minds and in our bodies. How does it land in yours?

You can think of standing in your power through a physical sense, like exercising, doing something that you love.

You can also think of it in a psychological sense, like what you think about yourself or life in general, or something specific that you do.

You can also think of it in a spiritual sense, like what we truly believe in and practice…what we hold in our hearts and souls.

Standing in your power is all of the above and more! It is setting a declaration and taking action in what you want in life and what you believe in. It is standing up for yourself within yourself and feeling it come from your core. Core, meaning the actual strength of your core muscles, all the way to the core of your spiritual being.

I find myself able to completely stand in my power when I am in balance. When I have a sense of inner calm, have confidence, balanced emotions, openness to change, patience, and acceptance of myself and others. What does balance feel like to you?

5 Ways to Stand In Your Power!

1. Set a honorable action that you want to take on right now.

2. Practice a daily meditation.

3. Set a powerful ritual or routine and stick with it!

4. Tap into your core power. Strengthen your core with firey breath exercises and physical exercises.

5. Tap into your inner core energy through yoga.

Be Patient…Be Powerful…Be You!

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