The kids are back to school and along with that we transition from Summer to Autumn. As adults we often also get that ‘back to school’ feeling. Long after we have graduated, the Fall still brings forth a new energy, a hunger for new knowledge and a desire to hit the ‘reset’ button. We prepare for certain changes; cooling weather, different sports, warmer clothing, after school activities, and warming foods. Now is the time when we feel a sense of renewal as we naturally realign for a new season. Why do we feel this way year after year? It is the natural synchronization to the AUTUMN EQUINOX.

On Friday, September 22 at 3:02 PM the sun officially crosses the Equator southward. The earth is balanced upright, night and day are equal. Equinox comes from the Latin words ‘equi’ meaning ‘equal’ and ‘nox’ meaning ‘night’. For the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn officially begins. 

While some may mourn the end of Summer’s long warm days, there is much to celebrate about Autumn. The foliage is always beautiful, as the trees let go of their leaves. The longer cooler nights mean soothing hot tea, warm rich harvest vegetables, and possibly enjoying the warmth from the heat of the fireplace or outdoor firepit.

Equal day and night signifies that the earth is in perfect balance. Issues of balance and harmony and how we see our own light and dark aspects come to mind with the onset of Autumn. The energy of this season reminds us to think about letting go of old patterns that don’t necessarily serve you and paving the way for inspiration, gratitude, and compassion.

So, at this time of the year the earth is approaching perfect balance, but how can we personally strive to bring more balance into our lives? What can we change to create that balance? Can we create more balance by replacing judgement with understanding, envy with appreciation, bitterness with forgiveness, hate with love, and the past/future with absolute presence? Striving for balance, that sometimes elusive place where we come to find the ‘middle road’ between effort and ease, strength and softness, work and play, coffee and wine…is aways a strong belief at Mindful Movements. We get more when we use what we need and rest what we don’t.  This philosophy works for exercise, yoga, and the rest of your life.

In addition to finding more balance in our lives, in what ways can we celebrate the arrival and energy of this new season? We can begin with bringing the season into our homes with beautiful Autumn colors such as yellow, red, orange, and russet. Bring out your ‘crafty’ self with fall-inspired creations. Make leaf prints, craft a fall wreath, or frame some fall foliage. Decorate with apples and acorns to show gratitude for the harvest. Diffuse essential oils such as Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Cinnamon. Outside of your home, make an arrangement using pumpkins, bales of straw and beautiful late planting flowers.

Use this Autumn Equinox as a time to balance, reflect, reset, renew, and celebrate the season.

Remember, no rain…no flowers 🙂

blogged by N.H.