Do you realize that we all get blessings everyday? But some days we are blessed unexpectedly, or we are finally listening to others instead of just the talk in our head, and it happens when we need it most. I went to a yoga class yesterday, eager to run to my mat and collapse and hide away from the world, not really knowing what I needed. The chatter in my head and the awful sensations through my body, I just knew I needed my yoga fix. As I walked in, the yoga teacher, a very beautiful intuitive soul I might add, turned to me and complimented me in the most intriguing and humble way. I actually stopped, listened and felt ease come over my entire body about how I felt and who I was; so connected to her beautiful words that streamed over me like a cleansing rain. At that moment, I was humbled and at peace. She gave me such a gift, a blessing so unexpected and by someone I admire which made it very special to me. I set up my mat, stretched into the most deep standing stretch to the ceiling, dove down and went right into a forearm handstand and stayed there for about 3 minutes! Never done that before, may I add. That to me was being fully in the moment and at peace inside myself and with my soul. That is how I was able to fly, that is the secret of yoga and just being…..

Everyday I get blessings at Mindful Movements from everyone I teach and everyone I come into contact with, everyone that shares in what is possible at our studio and who believe with their whole soul and in the fulfillment to Live Powerfully.

Today I encourage you to bless someone unexpectedly, I will. Together we can empower the world to feel their beautiful soul and live from there.