I love the saying “you can fly if you want to”, it gives us a choice to take flight in our own lives and find out what we are capable of. I use it every time I want to start a new project, adventure, or try a new experience on. We have recently entered into one of the most beautiful ways to explore our body, the actual physical essence of flying with Aviana Arial Yoga. Arial Yoga is a blend of solid yoga poses with a fusion of Pilates and dance all in one, and that is only on one level! On the other end, it has been used for therapy as well. At Mindful Movements, we are taking it to both levels. The support of the silks in acrobatic poses to releasing the deep connective tissue that surrounds our precious joints, and the inspiring and meditative benefits makes this modality such a wonderful add on for the mind body spirit connection. A recipe for bliss!

Come try out our summer special before it’s gone! Aviana Arial Yoga for beginners Wednesday’s at 6:30pm and Saturaday’s at 8:00am. Cost: Special 5 weeks only! $20 per session. Space is limited. Sign up required. Watch for our extended Aviana Arial Yoga Fall schedule coming out soon at Mindful Movements your Premier Wellness and Healing studio!