These days of transition from Summer to Fall can be a struggle. With the days growing shorter, cooler and darker; I see so many people, including myself, under pressure and running around like bees looking for their last meal. Frantic and ready to bite! This is the time to slow down, breathe, and awaken to the day in a new way. Our routines are changing and so we need to change as well. Here are 10 ways to awaken to your day, to build a habit start with one, then add another and then another and soon you will change your addiction of doing to an addiction of renewing.

  1. The night before, make sure all is organized for the next day: work, lunches, and attire.
  2. Use a favorite essential oil in a diffuser by your bed, or a couple drops on your wrists to inhale as you drift off to sleep. Some of my favorite for good sleep are: breathe, juniper berry, bergamot, sandalwood, lavender and rose.
  3. Jot down anything on your mind, on a piece of paper, so you can rest knowing you won’t forget important things to get done.
  4. Let the light shine in, consistent bedtime and awake time is important for your body clock signaling melatonin production at night and wakefulness in the am.
  5. Find a comfortable spot to sit for 5-10 minutes upon awakening to meditate.
  6. Pay attention to your breath, how it moves in and out of your body. Allow any thoughts that come in to roll through without judgement and come back to observing your breath. This sets a clear mind and intention for your day!
  7. Take a look outside and find a piece of nature that grounds you. The weather, trees, sky, birds, animals, flowers, leaves, snow. It is endless and abundant!
  8. Drink a warm cup of lemon water to cleanse your gut to prepare for the day’s nutrition. This helps with absorption of good nutrients and vitamins.
  9. Feel gratitude, which lets go of needing excess of anything.
  10. Have one mantra, prayer (saying) that really resinates with you in your heart. Say it everyday in a moment of quiet, such as, at breakfast, in the car, or before you even get out of bed!

Believe and be well. Come check out more useful tips and mindful experiences at Mindful Movements.