Aerial Yoga & Restorative Silks

Aerial Yoga: Aerial Yoga offers a whole other dimension in the exploration of poses that are not accessible on the mat and lend to the activation of new muscle groups, emotional development and unique therapeutic properties. With the infusion of disciplined focus on breath and alignment guidance, these poses can easily be integrated into the flows of aerial yoga. Indulge in a new perspective as you invert effortlessly with safety and security. This altered state of engagement with the hammock serves to expand stronger connection when practicing on the mat.

Restorative Silks: Come experience and indulge in a whole new modality…benefit from traditional restorative yoga poses, but find deeper release and hydration of your muscles through therapeutic support of the hammock. We save the best for last, cocoon inside the comfortable fabric to be gently rocked into a guided meditation allowing you to feel restored and rejuvenated!

*Registration Required For Both Classes.