Katy Panek

Katy is passionate about sharing her love of yoga with the world. What started out as love for a physical challenge over 20 years ago, quickly evolved into a way of life. Katy began as a beloved student here at MMP&Y, embraced the thought of teaching and then jumped into teacher training. As a mother,…

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Kim Kitlica

Kim has been working as a professional yoga instructor for the past twelve years, with over 500 hours of specialized training. She is a Yoga Therapist Apprentice, currently enrolled in the Surya Chandra Healing School of Yoga, where she will complete her yoga therapist certification. With a warm and welcoming spirit, Kim has a gentle…

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Lisa Barker

After more than 15 years of practice, Lisa wanted to increase her knowledge of yoga and deepen her own personal practice. Receiving her 200-hour Foundation Yoga Teacher Training at Prairie Yoga in Lisle, Illinois; she now enjoys sharing her new found journey to those in her class. Lisa continues to deepen her own practice and…

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Mary Rittenhouse-Howard

Mary Rittenhouse-Howard found yoga for the first time almost 17 years ago. It was not until recently that yoga stopped being something she did and became part of who she is. Mary truly believes that yoga is for everyone despite age, body type or physical limitations and through constant practice and dedication the movements, breath,…

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Patti Carr

Patti first experienced Pilates in 1999 at a local health club and was immediately intrigued by the subtle, yet precise movements of the method. She felt challenged in a way she had not experienced with any other workout. Patti quickly became a devotee of the method and eventually enrolled in the PhysicalMind Institute teacher training…

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Valerie Leone

Valerie is a Nationally Certified, State Licensed Massage Therapist, operating and owning her own business for the last 11 years. She has always been a very intuitive and spiritual bodyworker; giving of herself with the highest intent, and allowing an intuitive approach to facilitate a healing session to each and every client. As with massage,…

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