Stephanie Pierce

About 9 years ago, a friend introduced Stephanie to Christy’s pilates classes and her love for the reformer began. Being a collegiate & lifelong athlete and having the injuries to go along with it, she quickly realized that pilates was the missing piece to her workouts. Those precise controlled movements balance out the body by stabilizing the core while lengthening and strengthening the muscles. Exactly what she needed to get back into a healthy alignment. Life began a new path with a breast cancer diagnosis at the end of 2011, and 2012 turned into a year filled with treatments and surgeries. She could no longer take either her physical or emotional health for granted. Pilates helped her to get through her recovery and regain most her strength and mobility.

Stephanie decided to pursue Stott training in 2016 to further her own knowledge about the body and its functional movement, as well as to be able to encourage others to work to make the progress they desire. She believes health is a lifelong journey of continuous growth and challenge. She hopes to bring a high level of intensity to her classes and loves to see progress in her students.

In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys being active, especially outdoors, and loves all forms of competition. She keeps herself busy feeding her all male family and madly cheering for them at all their sporting events. She is a chronic over “volunteerer” who loves music, travel, reading and walking her dog.