Stephanie Vlach

Stephanie’s passion for movement started at age five when she enrolled in her first gymnastics class – the rest is history. Stephanie was a competitive gymnast for 17 years, ultimately competing at the intercollegiate level.  When she wasn’t at gymnastics practice, she was running track, playing softball, shooting hoops, on the elliptical or joining a spin class.  Her love for all things sport and fitness eventually turned into an educational journey and lifelong career.  She earned a BS in Exercise Science and a MS in Kinesiology and now has over 20 years of experience working in the fitness industry in various roles and instructing fitness classes of all kinds.  Stephanie likes to challenge her class participants while focusing on exercise safety, effectiveness, functionality and proper progression for all populations. Seeking a format that incorporates those very qualities, Stephanie found the Pilates Method and has now been teaching mat-based Pilates for 12 years.  She integrates Pilates in almost every format she teaches as she feels the simultaneous focus on length, strength, control, breath and body alignment and awareness can effectively challenge the body to continually promote positive health and fitness gains.  Stephanie is also an American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer, TRX Qualified and a proud mom of three active kids.